Paradise @ Reeperbahn Festival, 22nd of Sept 2017

Together with the AFEM and the Berlin Music Commission we proudly present the panel 'GET PLAYED, GET PAID, BEHIND THE SCENES OF MUSIC SUPPLY CHAIN' where we focus on MRT (Music Recognition Technologies) and the resulting benefits of tracking artist data and bringing profit back to the artists and labels. 

Clubs and festivals worldwide pay considerable sums of money to Performing Rights Organisations (PRO) for licences to play music. How does that money get to the creators and rightsholders of the music played? In many cases for DJ events, it does not. The Association For Electronic Music campaign 'Get Played Get Paid' seeks to address this problem by raising awareness of the technologies available to identify the music played by DJs in clubs and at festivals and so help increase the accuracy of royalty payments to creators & rightsholders. This panel will raise awareness of the issues and challenges, provide insights and promote positive action like Dj Monitor ansd Yacast activities on various territories and the Music Right Supply Chain system by Paradise.

We will close the day with the AFEM Lounge, starting from midnight and followed by a Late Night Electronic session with Blade&Beard (Raving Iran / Futurist), Of Norway (Connaisseur) and Astrofella from Istanbul.

Venue: Moondoo Club, Reeperbahn 136 (Panel: 13:00 until 15:00h / entrance with RBF ticket only -  AFEM Lounge / Late Night Electronic session: 23.30 until open end)


Music Supply Chain Paradise Visualisation