Rights & Bytes ADE Cruise 2019 by Warsteiner, DjMonitor and Paradise

After a successful ADE in 2018, we are back on the Rights and Bytes boat to discuss the progress made until today and what we still need in order to take the next steps. Music Recognition Technology has been shown together with the Metadata to be the best and most effective way for detecting your products, so that you get paid. Paradise, DjMonitor, Warsteiner and leading figures from the PROs and the Music Industry are teaming up again to talk about the Status Quo of Metadata and future options for detecting your music to achieve better and fairer payments, with the technical support of the Digital Distributor. 

Rights & Bytes 16th October 2019, Amsterdam Dance:

CMO Summit, hosted by AFEM - Association for Electronic Music
Drinks with CMOs and Dinner by PRS for Music
After Party with PillowTalk, Timo Maas b2b Joe Metzenmacher

Rights & Bytes 17th October 2019, Amsterdam Dance:

For Music Creators, Artists, Labels, hosted by Peter Armster and Deron Delgado (Paradise Distribution) with the topics Music Recognition Technology, How to Run Your Label the Modern Way, After Talks and Drinks with Battera (live).

Rights & Bytes - The ADE Cruise 2019